Roz King

Roz King

Director of Hounslow Primary Care Networks

My experience

I have been in Hounslow for six years and the NHS for 12 years, supporting both primary care and integration. In this time, I have worked in commissioning and provider organisations, and prior to joining the NHS I worked in the commercial sector managing large customer service and operational teams.

The Hounslow Consortium GP Federation became hosted within HRCH in October 2020 with the view to develop a single team approach to out of hospital care.

Working in an integrated primary, community and now acute team is really exciting. We have fantastic opportunities to use our joint professional expertise to get the best possible solutions for the people we support, regardless of where they live.

Thoughts on the role

HRCH has been hugely supportive of the GPs and have embraced joint working and creating a single ‘out of hospital team’. To now link this to Kingston Hospital and start to work in our local systems will enable more patients to benefit and offer more career opportunities to our teams.

Something about me

I have two big fluffy dogs which I enjoy walking when I am not at work, however they enjoy joining Microsoft Teams meetings, especially those in the afternoon when they think I should be walking them instead!