Yarlini Roberts

Yarlini Roberts

Chief Finance Officer

My experience

I joined Kingston Hospital NHS Foundation Trust in December 2019. I have worked in the NHS for nearly 29 years after qualifying as a Chartered Certified Accountant.

I started off my NHS career in community, working in Croydon, and since then I have worked in acute, community, mental health and commissioning organisations across South West London and South East London.

More recently I have held several senior roles in NHS provider and commissioning organisations in South London, including Director of Financial Strategy for South West London Alliance.

I also worked as Director of Finance for Kingston and Richmond CCGs and supported the Mental Health consultation in South West London.

I am also a member of the London Finance Academy Board and chair the London Diversity and Inclusion Ambassadors Network, the aim of which is to ensure that our finance departments reflect the population we serve.

Thoughts on the new role

I’m really looking forward to working with community colleagues and playing a small role in supporting transformation at place.

It will be really exciting to shape services that best serve our patients in community and acute setting, and to work together to ensure we have a sustainable and resilient workforce.

Something about me

I really enjoy walking my dog, especially early in the morning when there’s hardly anyone about. It provides not only some physical exercise but allows some time to reflect, which is always helpful!