£2.1million boost for diagnostics at Kingston Hospital and HRCH

More vital tests, scans and checks will be provided to local patients thanks to a successful bid for £2.1million government funding.

This funding will enable teams at Kingston Hospital and HRCH to deliver nearly 10,000 more physiological tests per year for cardiology and respiratory conditions. The money will enable Kingston Hospital to reconfigure and refurbish part of its existing outpatients service, to increase capacity and improve access for patients to these important diagnostic tests.

This builds on previous successful bids to increase Kingston Hospital’s endoscopy and CT scanning capability, and introduce non-obstetric ultrasound at Teddington Memorial Hospital for over 5,000 scans per year (running alongside existing x-ray services, which provides direct access to walk-in and primary care patients).

This is part of the Government’s focus on Community Diagnostic Centres, which are designed to speed up the diagnosis of conditions from cancer to heart to lung disease for all patients.

Tracey Moore, Chief Operating Officer at Kingston Hospital, said: “I’m delighted we have made another successful bid to expand our diagnostic capability. This will mean more patients get the tests they need to get diagnosed and treated more efficiently.”

Tom Penman, Assistant Director Clinical Services (Richmond and South West London) at HRCH, said: “This is fantastic news and builds on our ongoing work to deliver more vital tests and scans for our local communities, including ultrasound at Teddington Memorial Hospital.”