New Transfer of Care Hub goes live

We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Transfer of Care Hub for Kingston and Richmond, which has officially started this week.

Stephen Hall, Director of Clinical Services and Transformation and Senior Responsible Officer for Sustaining Flow across Kingston and Richmond, thanked everyone for their hard work and dedication to get us to this point:

“The Transfer of Care Hub is the next stage in an ongoing programme of work bringing together the expertise from community and acute teams under one roof to facilitate safe and effective transfers of care into and out of hospital.”

Initially, this will mean:

  • Co-location of community, hospital and social care colleagues from Kingston Hospital, Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare, Your Healthcare and the two local authorities to support complex case discussions
  • Improved communication routes and sharing of workload between the different organisations to support patient flow

Thomas Edwards, Integrated System Discharge Lead, said: “We know that good communication between different parts of the system is one of the best ways to improve outcomes and create a better experience for patients.

“Staff are also keen to learn from one another so they can develop into richer and more experienced professionals. Coming together in this way will help us achieve both of these things and puts us in a much stronger position to face growing and more complex challenges.”

The hub will be open Monday to Friday, 8.30am – 4.30pm. Referrals will continue in the usual way.

Telephone: 020 8934 2787

Email: [email protected]