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Developing our AHPs across Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond

During the pandemic, we’ve seen more clearly than ever the value of the allied health professions in delivering solution-focused care for our patients in a way that helps them maintain their quality of life and independence in the community.

Across HRCH and KHFT, we recognise that there has been a gap in the AHP professional and clinical leadership. To address this, a new AHP Strategic Lead has been appointed, working across both organisations and reporting directly to the Chief Nurse. Caroline Hopper, who started in December 2021, will be working closely with Clare Miller (AHP Lead within HRCH) to actively engage with professionals at all levels and ensure they have a strong voice from floor to Board.

The work of AHPs often straddles both health and social care and we want to build on this by collaborating with colleagues across Hounslow, Kingston and Richmond so the care we provide is proactive and responsive to the changing needs of our local populations.

Caroline and Clare are both very keen to listen to the experiences of AHPs to inform a new co-produced allied health professionals strategy which places AHPs at the heart of new prevention based pathways that will allow our local residents to remain at home for as long as possible.

Watch the video below to find out more.