Shaping the future of patient safety across Kingston and Richmond

We are looking for empathic members of the public to become Patient Safety Partners at Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare, Kingston Hospital, or Your Healthcare.

Sitting on various committees, the right candidates will work alongside medical and non-medical NHS professionals, to ensure decisions are considered from a patient perspective.

They will need to have natural curiosity and be comfortable asking sensitive questions about patient safety, to create a culture of best practice. They will have the insight and empathy to consider issues from different perspectives, including matters you may not agree with.

Candidates will have a high degree of personal integrity, respecting Trust, staff and patient confidentiality. This is a lay role working in a multi-disciplinary team, which values diversity and transparency. Participants will be treated as equal partners, bringing the patient voice to the forefront across Kingston and Richmond.

We will pay £140 per committee meeting, plus basic expenses such as off-peak travel, paid by invoice.

Participants will undergo training, be supervised by patient safety specialists and commit to a minimum of 2 years in post.

Anyone who is interested can apply at: